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Characteristics of One REIT

1Portfolio focusing on the category of Middle-sized Office Buildings as the core investment target

One REIT will invest in Middle-sized Office Buildings(*1), for which the market scale of buildings is relatively large and hold abundant acquisition opportunity as well as those in which stable rental demand is expected over the medium to long term and that are capable of sufficiently utilizing the knowledge and experience of the Asset Management Company as the core investment target with an aim to secure stable profits and achieve steady growth of assets under management over the medium to long term.

(*1) "Middle-sized Office Buildings" refers to office buildings whose total floor area is within the range of 3,300 m² (approximately 1,000 tsubos) to 33,000 m² (approximately 10,000 tsubos).
Middle-sized: neither very large nor very small(from LONGMAN dictionary of contemporary English)

2Pursuing essential values ("Location" and "Building Specification") of real estate

One REIT believes that most of the essential values of real estate are dependent on "location" and "building specification (functionality, design, etc.)" and will invest in carefully selected properties with high building specification situated at locations with high tenant needs. In addition, we pursue the maintenance and improvement of building specifications over the long term with an aim to create buildings chosen by tenants by taking into consideration "safety," "comfortability" and "convenience" from the viewpoint of tenants.

Pursuing essential values (location x specifications) of real estate


(1) Careful selection of location by setting core investment target area

From the viewpoint of regional diversification, One REIT focuses investments in the Tokyo metropolitan area(*2), including also ordinance-designated cities or their equivalent(*3) in its investment target. We aim to conduct investments focusing on location through careful selection of investment area by setting the core investment target area and sufficiently considering convenience, etc. for tenants even in the evaluation of the location of individual properties.

(*2) Tokyo metropolitan area refers to the prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba.
(*3) "Ordinance-designated cities or their equivalent" collectively refers to ordinance-designated cities (ordinance-designated cities located outside the Tokyo metropolitan area) and core regional cities equivalent to ordinance-designated cities (non-ordinance-designated cities that are location to a prefectural government and located outside the Tokyo metropolitan area or their equivalent).

(2) Creation of appropriate added value for tenants and unitholders with "building specifications responding to tenant needs"

One REIT will pursue "safety," "comfortability" and "convenience" at an optimum cost through maximum utilization of the Asset Management Company and sponsor group's knowledge and experience in real estate management and will aim to maximize unitholder value.

3Utilization of Abundant and High-quality Property Information Obtained by utilizing the strengths of sponsors

We aim to form a high-quality portfolio by widely obtaining high-quality information at an early stage from the viewpoint of properties and accuracy of sales and lead it to the acquisition of properties against the backdrop of response to various needs for utilization and sales of real estate by utilizing Mizuho Trust & Banking's wide customer base, information network and unique accessibility to real estate information as well as MONE Group's(*4) various experience on real estate investment and management, high expertise and unique network.

(*4) Mizuho REIT Management Co., Ltd. (the Asset Management Company), Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd. and Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. are collectively referred to as the MONE Group.

4Construction of stable financial base and strict internal control and risk management system under financial sponsors

Building a stable financial base with a lender formation centering on Mizuho Trust & Banking, the sponsor, and Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
In addition, we will manage conflict-of-interest transactions, information, etc. based on strict rules utilizing know-how at financial institutions.