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Basic Stance of One REIT

Basic Stance

Creating Value, and More

What is the "idea of manufacturing?"

Deciding and realizing policies based on accumulated experience and teamwork by viewing and considering things from the viewpoint of external appearance, functionality, interior, facilities, usage, cost and many other positions by not only devoting efforts to manufacturing but also aiming to be appreciated by people engaged in manufacturing, and creating not only visible values but also real estate that bring about powerful impressions, trust and appreciation.

The concept behind "and More"

To not just simply increase the value of properties and gain satisfaction of tenants but also create "values" for people related to the scheme, real estate market and investors through sufficient consideration. Through these efforts, we believe that we can build a long-term relationship with people related to the scheme, contribute to the real estate market and maximize unitholder value.

As professional team of real estate asset management

MONE Group have developed fund business and real estate development business (self-leasing) since establishment. We have fund management track records spanning more than 10 years (total AUM of more than 1 trillion yen) and development track records exceeding 130 billion yen (pursuing returns by enhancing property value and creating real estate from the first stages).
We have accumulated know-how in an environment where personnel with various backgrounds work and develop businesses, and shaped our unique "added value creation culture" through mutual horizontal development of know-how accumulated in each business.
Our stance of "creating better real estate properties" by deriving optimal solutions from internal and external experts (people), various funds (money), properties with different characteristics (product) and various network (information) is deeply engraved and succeeded as a DNA of "added value creation."

DNA of Simplex

Added value creation model

One REIT intends to constantly judge and embody optimal solutions with its substantial track record, know-how, database and the advanced skills of the Asset Management Company, Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd. and Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. as well as its desire to "create better products."
We aim to demonstrate competitiveness and maximize the value of tenants and unitholders not by solving surface issues, but by pursuing the essence of the issue as well as judging and embodying potential needs and hidden values and extracting the true value of each real estate to the maximum extent.

Added value creation model